Sarah Kalell

All about me

In 1990 (at the age of 27) I began my journey into health because I wanted to keep my weight down. I started with a low-fat diet and found that it worked but realized that healthy eating was more involved than just cutting down on fats.

And at that time, I didn’t know the difference between good fats and bad fats. From then until 2003 I thought I had a reasonably healthy diet – I didn’t smoke or drink very much alcohol and I exercised regularly. I ate yoghurt, very little meat, no processed/packaged foods (I cooked everything from scratch), the odd take-away pizza, decaffeinated coffee – and yet I still got cancer. Specifically a malignant melanoma on my right little toe. Neither the dermatologist who removed it nor the surgeon who excised the area and patched it with a skin graft, could tell me why it happened. I knew it had to be my fault and I wanted to know WHY.

In 2008 I met Pam de Jager when I moved to the George area. She rekindled my interest in The Natural Way which I had read about in about 1994 and encouraged me to do the NHN and Consultants Course. To be intensely corny about it, it literally transformed my life. After years of searching I now understand fully why cancer occurs and how to prevent it plus I have radically improved my general health! PMS and hormonal headaches are gone; healthy and stable weight; clear skin and eyes; great digestion and elimination!, and a much improved immune system.

For many years I have known that my health is in my hands but it wasn’t until I looked more into The Natural Way that I realized how I could take control of my health.

As a Natural Way Consultant, my aim is to enlighten as many people as possible about how they can control their health and not rely on others to do that for them.

We aim to bring the truth, the naked truth, to people who wish to learn more about their health.

The Natural Way is both our tool and our guiding philosophy.

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